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Vibrant communities share one thing in common: Local journalists who keep people informed and connected., powered by family-owned media company Forum Communications, is bringing the local perspective back to town with 24/7 coverage of local news, weather, sports and so much more. As a local news destination, will continue to expand its newsgathering resources. To connect with various audiences and share the stories that need to be told, makes use of every platform available - live streaming video, audio, podcasts, newsletters and traditional storytelling.

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  • Daily stories covering the greater St. Cloud area plus bonus regional and statewide content.
  • Locally based news reporting team committed to covering the most important stories of the day.
  • Events calendar to help you plan your free time.
  • Special-interest stories on relevant topics such as agriculture, outdoors, business, and true crime.
  • Daily local weather reports from a team of experienced meteorologists.


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