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Director of IT

St. Cloud Technical & Community College
Job Description
The IT department exists to provide Information Technology services across the entire organization.   Such services include:
analyzing the information flow and processes of current systems,
evaluating IT tools (hardware, software, personnel) to address problems/opportunities,
guiding the implementation of IT solutions,
developing IT policies standards to promote effective and efficient processing of information,
supporting and training users of IT systems,
safeguarding the information assets of the organization,
providing trouble-free operations of shared computer resources, and
helping individuals understand and accept technological changes. 
Position Summary: This position provides strategic direction and management for the information systems and application software programs for Catholic Charities' social services and the Diocese of St. Cloud.   The director will be responsible for administering/coordinating hardware (including but not limited to: servers, personal computers, printers, network equipment, telephones, cell phones and other handheld devices), software, and assigned personnel resources. The director will ensure that the information systems are designed, maintained and operated properly to supply users with timely, accurate and complete information on an economic basis.  The director will specify, schedule and administer all assigned personnel and computer equipment in order to provide efficient information technology and services that meet the requirements of the users. The Director of IT also serves as the HIPAA Security Officer for the agency and is responsible for providing information security safeguards.
1. Responsible for Effective Operations of Information Technology Department:   50% of time
Responsible for IT hardware and other equipment tied to the information management systems.
Coordinates work associated with installing, implementing, training, and improving system software for users.
Coordinates and provides technical advice on projects, user-problem resolution support, and appropriate end-user training.
Serves as liaison/consultant for the IT department to each user of the system in planning and executing their information processing requirements.
Assigns priorities and determines schedules for IT projects.
Maintains the IT operations/policy and procedure manual.
Manages and controls Internet Access, telecommunications lines and telephone systems on interconnected campuses.  Manages devices such as mobile phones and other hand-held communication devices.
Monitors and manages the performance of the operating system's software, system utilities, and data communications software to ensure efficient utilization of computing resources.
Manages the proper controls for the maintenance, enhancement, and implementation of software products, software changes, and necessary programming changes to application software interfaces.
Manages and controls system security to ensure protection of hardware resources and user data.
Develops, monitors and assumes responsibility for disaster recovery planning. 
2. Responsible for Overall Administration and Planning of the Information Technology Department:    15% of time
Establishes, monitors and reviews long range and strategic IT plans, with a focus on agency and departmental Quarterly Rocks and one year goals.
Coordinates meetings and communication with IT Advisory Committee to benefit from their willingness to share from their experiences and knowledge.

Reviews new trends in industry and recommends appropriate hardware and software to maintain effective and efficient information systems. 
3. Responsible for Financial Management of the Information Technology Department and overall IT costs to the agency:       15% of time
Establishes, monitors and reviews program budgets for Information Technology.
Monitors revenue and expenses for Information Technology programs and ensures appropriate adjustments to meet financial performance standards.
Negotiates with vendors of IT services (hardware, software, telecommunication, etc.) to ensure best value for the agency. 
4.  Responsible for Supervision and Direction of Information Technology Team:  20% of time
Provides administrative and supervisory oversight to all Information Technology Department staff.
Responsible for ongoing supervision and at least annual formal evaluation of Information Technology Management Team members.
Recruits, hires, evaluates and supervises appropriate staff.
Establishes and maintains a work environment characterized by innovation and efficiency.
Assesses staff development needs and ensures an appropriate staff development process within Information Technology programs.
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